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Affordable In-House Training

Smart Partners Consulting is built on collaboration business model of creative and skilled professionals who have been able to blend contemporary thinking and techniques with established ability.

Our seasoned trainers have garnered experiences in the field of engineering and designs, project management, QC and QA, human resources, real estates, sales and marketing, education, information systems and business processes, digital marketing, analytics , research, communications, financials and others.

With these blend of trainers, we have delivered and will keep on delivering quality affordable trainings to our clients.
Our training identifies the exact skills and knowledge that participants need to succeed in their jobs. It also prepares employees for success in the next career level in an organisation.

We use real life examples, problems and challenges that participants encounter every day at work and proffer solutions to them.

Competency Framework Development

Smart Partners Consulting Team can develop your organisation Competency Framework without stress. This will involve integrating existing/developed Managerial Competencies with different adjustments as possible, as well as the technical/functional competencies to be developed as part of the assignment.

Functional/Technical competencies are the skills/knowledge and behaviour that are required for success within a particular functional stream. They describe “how” the work in a given function should be performed to achieve the performance standards within the function, rather than describe the actual tasks to be performed, or the particular technical/substantive expertise required to perform the task.

The act of developing Competency Framework Development involves the development of some Functional, Technical Competencies, as well as integrating all of them to the organisation’s strategic goals. The Competency Framework developed will be used for a variety of human resources purposes like recruitment, induction/on boarding, performance appraisal, career development and training purposes and succession planning.

The focus of the Project will be to:

(i) Develop Technical/Functional Competencies with regards to the documents that would be released by the management of the organization;

(ii) Review and refine the existing Core Values and Managerial Competencies using the same steps of progression proposed for the development of the Functional and Technical competencies;
(iii) Effective mapping of competency profiles for each job on each grade level

(iv) Objective channel to decipher competency gaps and appropriate intervention

(v) Establish people’s competence for peak execution of expertise

(vi) Enhance effective and efficient change management process

(vii) Alignment of individual’s goals and objectives with organisation’s strategy

(viii) Produce a comprehensive Competency Framework for the Organization integrating aforementioned steps.

Background Check Service

Just a single wrong hire can land your company in lawsuit which can result to detrimental financial consequences and damage your company image and reputation. A proper background/certificate check can save you financial cost, productivity cost and employee morale cost.
Not to worry, Smart Partners has got this covered for you. Working with Smart Partners can save you the stress and time cost of carrying out these checks on your own at a very affordable cost within the shortest period of time.

We offer quality verification and background check on:

  • Academic verification
  • Reference
  • Previous employer
  • Guarantors check
  • Address check
  • NYSC certification