Manpower outsourcing involves the process whereby an organization engages the services of a third party to deploy and manage certain categories of staff on its behalf within a defined contract. Manpower outsourcing is a business process that many companies have adopted in Nigeria. This involves engaging a third party to recruit and manage the workforce on their behalf. This service is highly welcomed in Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail Services, Banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas, and others.

Smart Partners Obligations

Under   this   arrangement,   Smart   Partners   Consulting   would   carry   out   the   following responsibilities;

Registration of Workforce

All interested candidates will be pre-screened to identify their skills, qualifications, work history, and references to determine their suitability for registration in the Smart Partners Consulting database. Our database holds the records of pre-screened candidates available to be assigned to our Clients.

Order Taking

Upon receipt of your order i.e. details of your requirements, we will sort through our database to select candidates (for the required role) with requisite skills and deploy a suitable workforce. We are typically able to source suitable hands within the shortest time possible.


All applicants at Smart Partners Consulting are interviewed thoroughly face-to-face. Our consultant will discuss the candidate’s work history and experience at length, particularly probing any gaps in employment. Our consultant can make a note if the candidate has previously worked for you so that the candidate can be vetted for reason for leaving prior to being presented for assignment to you.

Workforce Management

We value our Workforce and work very hard to ensure that they are happy; motivating them to perform satisfactorily. It is our belief that keeping our Workforce happy has a ripple effect on their productivity, which in turn translates to increased profit for Clients.

We usually conduct a ‘check in’ on a regular basis with our workforce, ensuring that they have an avenue to raise any queries or concerns they may have, for example:

    1. queries on work hours
    2. assignment updates – duration
    3. benefits
    4. career management

Our Consultants will keep in touch with our Workforce with the aim of keeping them motivated and making them feel a part of the wider Smart Partners Consulting team and their responsibilities to Clients. Positive comments from managers/ supervisors are highly required.

Client Management

A Consultant will be assigned to your business office as the main point of contact for all issues concerning the deployed staff.

The Consultant would be responsible for:

    1. Conducting inductions in collaboration with you
    2. Ensuring that all timesheets are processed in a timely manner in order to ensure that all Workforce are paid correctly.
    3. Tracking whereabouts of Workforce
    4. Getting Line Managers’ feedback on periodic evaluation of Workforce on-the-job performance.
    5. Ensuring that all employment and statutory documentation are maintained and filed as appropriate.
    6. Confirming all references are sorted out.
    7. Taking care that all payroll queries are dealt with within the agreed time period.
    8. Ensuring appraisals are scheduled with the relevant team managers, accordingly.

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